Critter of the Week: Allosaurus

Meet Alfred.  The lion of the Jurassic!  The prince of the Mesozoic! The…oh, there he goes after another butterfly.  All he needs to be happy in life is his food, his chew toy, and a nice long nap.




Looks like Alfred has found something to chase.  No worries though, that butterfly has nothing to fear, and he’ll give up soon enough.  Allosaurus (ah-low-saw-rus) wasn’t very fast, but he can’t help it- if it runs off, he’s got to chase it!  After a quick sprint, Alfred loves to settle under the shade of a tree and take a nice nap.

What’s that you say?  He’s a fearsome predator?  Well yes, yes he is.  Take a quick look at lions, and tigers, and bears (oh my!), and most of the time you’ll actually catch them napping.  Crocodiles and eagles, Alfred’s closest living relatives, also do a lot of nothing.  Once you have a full belly, why not enjoy a siesta in the sun?  🙂


Making progress…


I have my computer back! 😀 It’s always so nice when problems resolve sooner than expected, and not a single hiccup in the posts. 🙂  Hehe, gotta celebrate the small wins in life, amiright?

I hope that these small progress updates are as inspiring for you as they are for me.  Even though I’ve only been doing this for a month or so, it’s actually really exciting to see things grow.  It’s kinda like having pictures.  Just hanging around my kids, everything seems about the same all the time.  But if I look back at pictures even from just a week ago, I suddenly realize how fast they’re growing up.

The same with this website.  Not long ago, this site was a vacant lot.  Now it has a house and I’m starting to bring in furniture.  😛  Life is good.  Busy, and I have to work very hard to stay focused, but good.  🙂


Coming Next Week…

A giant with a heart of gold, life is never boring when this big guy is around.  Nothing is out of reach!  He’ll stick his nose into everything until every mystery is solved.

Share your guess in the comments! He’ll be one of the critters over on the critter page. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Critter of the Week: Allosaurus

  1. The Allosaurus looks great! Is it a juvenile, or were butterflies bigger in the Jurassic than they are now?

    Some kind of sauropod, probably. A big sauropod. I’m going to guess that it’s Brachiosaurus.


    1. Hi Michael, it could be a bit of both! Alfred is still young, like a 2 year-old puppy in Dino years (dinosaurs grow fast 🙂 ). But it wouldn’t be too far fetched to have a particularly large butterfly at the time either. Hmm…might have to look that up 😀

      Close guess on the sauropod 😉


    2. Perhaps, see an arthropod, the group that spiders, centipedes, millapides, and insects, are all in have holes for respiration. The more oxygen in the air the shorter the tubes and lager the arthropod. In the Carboniferous, there was more oxygen and the Jurassic could have been the same way


        1. Oxygen levels in the Jurassic were about the same as they are now. A little more, but not by much, so insects and other crawly critters never got as big as they did in the Carboniferous, and probably never will. 🙂 There are a few particularly large butterfly species today though, so perhaps this butterfly is as big as those giants. 😀


  2. Cool dino! I like the style. It’s sketchy, but details (such as shading) aren’t eliminated. Heh, it’s always nice when you suddenly realize that you *have* made progress. 🙂
    Let’s see…I’m going to guess that next week’s dino is some sort of sauropod?


    1. Hi Brownie! Thank you, I’m quite liking this style as well. I’ve always had a soft spot to more sketchy styles, because there’s so much more movement.

      Yep, we’ll get to meet one of our long-necked friends next week 🙂


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