Critter of the Week: Dryosaurus

Meet Rosie. She’s a bit shy, and might need a little encouragement to come closer.  A few treats should do the trick.  Before you know it she’ll be perfectly content to snuggle close and put her head on your lap. 🙂



Rosie is smaller than your average dinosaur, about the size of a deer.  Like a deer, she can be a bit jumpy, and she feels much better if she has friends to keep her company and watch out for troublesome, over-exuberant types like Opie.  He’s far too excitable, and that makes her nervous.  She’d much rather curl up under the shade of spiky cycad fronds for a little siesta.

Much safer there.  And Rosie always wins at hide-and-seek. 😉

If you take the time to give her treats and coax her out of the thicket, then she’ll get to know you rather quickly.  Then she’ll be your friend forever, and come running when you call. 🙂  I hope you don’t mind having a second shadow…



Making progress…

My first Youtube video! I hope to do more of these to share more behind-the-scenes tidbits with you.

This one features the dummy book. 🙂 Something I didn’t mention in the video- that weird error that shows up on the edge of Steggy’s page. I have no idea why it printed that line of text there. You’ll know what I mean when you see it.

The writer’s group meeting I went to on Saturday was awesome! It was really great to see and talk with other picture-book authors and illustrators, and get their feedback on my little project.

Membership in the group is not free, but they let me sit in for their meeting on Saturday to see if it was a good fit for me. And I must say I really enjoyed it. They were all very supportive of each other, and eager to learn more about their craft. Really everything I hoped it would be. 🙂

As soon as Baby makes her debut (did I mention it’s going to be a girl! 😀 ), then we’ll see how the new normal will be like. I plan on giving things a few months to calm down a bit, and then perhaps purchase the membership.

The critique I got was very helpful and encouraging, and will fuel me for a good while yet.

I’ve discovered that I can be self-motivating for a good portion of what I do.  Even when I knew no one was really watching my progress on this blog, just the thought of having a post done and published once a week was enough to ensure I got at least something done.

Of course now I have you, and that really encourages me to put in the extra effort even when I don’t feel like it. With your support, I can go a long time without needing extra encouragement.

The group meeting was really good in the sense of having feedback from others who know the business. A sign that I’m headed in the right direction. And now that I’ve gotten that confirmation, I can keep going with confidence. 😀

I hope you enjoy the trip as much as I do. 😀





Coming Next Week…

This little guy loves to curl up in his bed with his favorite teddy. 🙂

Share your guess in the comments! He’s one of the critters over on the critter page. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Critter of the Week: Dryosaurus

  1. Ooh, you made a little video. 😀 Cool! Will you be making more, or is this just an every-now-and-then thing? By the way, I like the logo. ^^

    And I’m glad to know that the meeting went well! It’s always great to have that reassurance. 🙂


    1. Hi Brownie, good to see you here! 😀

      I do plan on making more little videos, but they won’t be a regular thing to start off with. The plan is to finish revamping Dippy vs. Ball, make more progress on the book, and perhaps do another mini-comic book. Once I have at least one or two books done and ready for sale, then I’ll get to work on the Youtube channel. Each critter will have a little profile video. 😀


  2. And here we go again,i always mistake Rosie and Opie together,which is weird considering the time i have been on the petshop.
    Have you seen my comment on the video on youtube? I was an early bird,and your first subscriber 🙂 Congratulations again to your new baby girl! Hope she will like the petshop you have built.Hope you get in the group,what did they tell you about your project? And the book is going to be paperback like the dummy book right? And next on the COTW train is Opie,hopefully he won’t be disturbed by the train 😀


    1. Thank you Kaprosaurus! We’re pretty excited, since now our little girl will have a sister to share all her pretty dresses that don’t fit anymore. (True story, she tells us that a lot 😀 )

      The people at the writer’s group were very helpful. They had some good critique on the words, and suggested I have fewer of them. They really liked how the family is looking for a small and quiet dinosaur. Most books focus on their size and power, so it’s a nice change of pace. 🙂

      They also really liked the illustrations, especially the fact that all the critters are real, and all the research I’m putting in. Aside from a little confusion about how the family got from the shop to where the dinos are, the composition and colors are all good. 🙂

      Yes, I’ll be publishing it as a paperback to start with. I’ll have to do a kickstarter to get it printed as a nice hardback, and it’s best to wait until I have a larger circle of readers to help me with that. 🙂

      Opie is actually quite excited about his turn on the train. And no worries on the mix up, I rarely mention Opie without talking about Rosie, so that could be why. 🙂

      It was great to see you over on YouTube. Thank you! 😀


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