Goals for 2022

It’s time for the annual round-up of last year’s goals!

I’ve had a month to figure out what worked last year, what was messy, and what doesn’t quite fit. Right out the gate and looking back at what I did, I must say I’m rather surprised and pleased with how much I finished. Through most of the year I didn’t think I was accomplishing very much, and when I set out to evaluate the past year I thought I would be in for a rather dissapointing reality check.

Small wins quickly add up! And this time you have the option of either reading this post, or listening in on the recorded version. 😀 I thought it would be fun to have a little chat with my kids about this post. Next time I’ll try writing the post first and reading from that, so that they sync up a little better. It’s a learning experience. 🙂 Right now the audio version will be a bit different from the written post.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what my goals where February 2021…

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When the wagon gets stuck…

I’m so sorry. Life has really been throwing some curve balls my way, and I’m afraid my post is not ready even with my best effort. It’s one of those situations where everything that can go wrong, goes disastrously wrong. I will try my best to have it by the end of the week.

On the bright side, here’s a little peak over my shoulder. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll get to have a proper look at her by the end of the week!