Who Cares About Dinosaurs?

A bull triceratops stands alone at the feet of a giant redwood tree.  He rubs two long, conical horns against the rough bark with quick, strong thrusts of his head.  His massive chest heaves as he grunts and snorts, toes digging into the dry earth.


A flash above, so bright that it cuts through the dappled shadows of the undergrowth.  Birds cry an alarm in the distance, and a rumble like thunder breaks through the drone of insects.  The bull tries to blink out the blindness as he swings his heavy head slowly, like a shield, snuffling the air.  Beaked mouth slack to taste the scents around him as he tenses his body, listening.

The rumble doesn’t go away.  It’s getting louder.

The triceratops turns away from the tree to face the crashing and rumbling.  He tilts his shielded head down and steps back, shaking all three horns against the coming roar.  The crash of trees, the shrieks of birds and other panicked creatures.  The rush of hot earth.  Dry ash.  flying debris…


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Critter of the Week: Archaeopteryx

Hi there, and thank you so much for joining me here on my little corner of internet!  Last week I posted that my goal for the week was to add a profile to the critter page.  Here we have archaeopteryx! His name is Tango because he loves to dance and fluff out his feathers.  🙂




I also took note of your advice, and I’ve added a quick word blurb on the home page.  Hopefully it’s more clear what the site is about.  I’m working on a better post or page that’ll explain it all properly (the long version).  But hopefully the quick blurb will do for now.  🙂


My goal for next week…

  • First official blog post!
  • one (hopefully two!) critter profile picture.  I’m thinking…something furry, and something with flippers.

Under Construction

My first post on the new site!  Of course things are quite messy at the moment as I figure out how things work, but hopefully things will get ironed out soon.

Here is where I will be posting the latest development on the series, Pete’s Paleo Petshop.  Concept art, word blurbs from story drafts, cool research, it’ll all go here on the site.  So sit tight and settle down for an interesting ride.  Enjoy a messy trilobite.  🙂