Kayenta formation

There are many animals from the time and place known as the Kayenta Formation, click on the critters below to find out more about them and their world!


A small predator that survived the Triassic extinction.
A small predator with no adult fossils ever found.
The apex predator of the Early Jurassic, and Jurassic Park famous!
An early cousin of the long-necked sauropods.
A turkey-sized dinosaur with alligator armor


A flying, fuzzy reptile with only a few bits of skull and a wing bone to know it was there.


A mysterious croc-ish thing with only the back of its head to know it was there.
A croc-ish thing with an interesting head.
A cat-sized not-a-croc that liked land more than water.

Other creatures

A root munching mammal-ish critter.
A mammal-ish thing that swims like a capybara and lays eggs like a platypus.
Looks like a weasel, but is really a mammal-ish thing called a cynodont.
Might be the first true turtle. That we know of.
The first frog-ish thing that actually jumps like a real frog.