I have many designs available on Redbubble for anyone who wishes to adopt a friendly prehistoric critter and support my art. The pictures below are just a small sampling of the sorts of things a design can be printed on.

Click on a critter’s name to see the many possible items available.

A happy Allosaurus sprints across a sunlit clearing.

An Apatosaurus basks in the warmth of a sunny afternoon

Coming soon!

A Brachiosaurus strolls through the majestic trees of the forest.

A happy Camarasaurus enjoys a little alone time away from her herd for a moment of sunshine.

Two Camptosaurus snuggle in the warm afternoon sun.

A cute Castorocauda relaxes along the riverbank.

A friendly Ceratosaurus wishes to join you on your adventures!

A happy Compsognathus strolls through the scrubby brush of its island home.

A sunny afternoon is the perfect time for a stroll through the brush with a happy Dilophosaurus.

A happy Dimorphodon chases after something small and unseen in the undergrowth.

A happy Diplodocus swings its long tail.

A refreshing dip in the waves with a friendly Hybodus.

An Ichthyosaurus cruises the sunlit ocean surrounding Jurassic England.

A sweet Juramaia to keep in your pocket.

A happy Leedsichthys cruises the balmy seas.

A Nanosaurus is pleased to find a sunny clearing in the dark forest.

Coming soon!

A happy Plesiosaurus visits a colorful coral reef.

A friendly Pliosaurus cruises the Jurassic sea.

What could be better than beach combing with a friendly Pterodactylus?

Dive into the ocean blue with Rhamphorhynchus.

A friendly Scutellosaurus basks in the sunshine.

A happy Stegosaurus in a peaceful clearing.

Yi qi, the “strange wing” from China.

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