Critter of the Week?

Oh no! I opened the back pasture gate to let Picasso up the hill this morning, and Pete and I just can’t find him anywhere.  A bit odd that he didn’t come for his treat.  I hope Skittles doesn’t mind.  I did see Picasso playing tag with her once…


I’m sorry about that.  You never know with critters…they can have the most predictable habits, but sometimes things turn out differently.  He probably found a lizard or something in the brush and ran after it.

Picasso is a Dilophosaurus, a leopard-sized predator of Jurassic Arizona.  He’s quite good at catching small, slippery snacks, so it might take Pete a while to find him in the brush.

While we wait, here is a Youtube clip that squashes a lot of misconceptions about Dilophosaurus.  Enjoy! 🙂