Under Construction

My first post on the new site!  Of course things are quite messy at the moment as I figure out how things work, but hopefully things will get ironed out soon.

Here is where I will be posting the latest development on the series, Pete’s Paleo Petshop.  Concept art, word blurbs from story drafts, cool research, it’ll all go here on the site.  So sit tight and settle down for an interesting ride.  Enjoy a messy trilobite.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Under Construction

    1. Not really. 26 is actually supposed to be a baby Chasmosaurus, which is a distant relative to Triceratops. 🙂 They grow up to have very large, squarish head frills, and very short horns. I can see the resemblance though! 🙂


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