Critter of the Week: Juramaia

Meet Maya.  She’s a sweet little fuzzball who loves nothing more than to curl up in your pocket.  At least during the day.  When the sun goes down, that’s when the party starts!




Wait a second…what’s a squirrel doing in a dinosaur book?  Well I’m glad you asked.  So far, her kind is the first mammal discovered that nourishes her babies in utero with a placenta.  A placental mammal.  This is unique from marsupials like kangaroos, or egg laying monotremes like platypus.  🙂

My little girl keeps calling Maya a squirrel (she’s 2 🙂 ), but she’s a bit more like a tree shrew.  Little Maya has sharp little teeth that are great for just about anything she can get her paws on, but bugs are her favorite.  That slender nose helps her sniff them out in the dark.  She has long arms and sharp claws that make her completely at home in the tree tops.

When you’re the size of a squirrel it’s good to be out of reach of giant dinosaurs!

If you want to learn more, here’s a great news article with a picture of the beautiful fossil. It even has fur!


Making progress…

I now have five wonderful readers, yay!  Thank you!  I hope you’re having as much fun as I am.  Computer problems are no fun of course, but it’s looking like that’ll be fixed in no time, thanks to someone awesome I know.  🙂

While that gets sorted out, I’m having fun working with traditional media.  I’m learning a lot about watercolor.  Thank goodness for Youtube, amiright? 😛  No shame in watching Youtube videos to learn tips and tricks of the trade!  😀

I’m also liking posting twice a week instead of only once.  Since they’re different styles, it’s easy to keep up.  🙂  I’m terrible at consistency, so that’s the key thing I’m working on at this stage.

Coming Next Week…

He’s a celebrity of his time, and he’s the star of lots of dino documentaries.  This big guy has a huge appetite for anything his nose leads him to, and he loves a good game of tag.  Don’t worry too much if he catches you though.  He probably just wants to snuggle for good nap. 🙂

Share your guess in the comments! He’ll be one of the critters over on the critter page. 🙂


18 thoughts on “Critter of the Week: Juramaia

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  2. Awesome critter, that is. I wonder if it would act like a hedgehog. This should give paleontologists some clues about marsupial family lineage, right?


    1. Hi Michael! A hedgehog would be an interesting analog, but probably not, since hedgehogs are snufflers in the leaf litter on the forest floor. Maya here is more suited to the tree tops, so a modern critter like a tree shrew may work better to see how she’s like. 🙂


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