Critter of the Week: Diplodocus

Meet Dippy!  A giant with a heart of gold, life is never boring when this big guy is around.  Nothing is out of reach!  He’ll stick his nose into everything until every mystery is solved.





Looks like he’s found a very, very big ball to play with.  That ball is pretty much indestructible, and something that comes in handy when you have curious giants like Dippy around.  He loves food just as much as your average sauropod, but Dippy is…how shall I say?  Easily distracted. 😛

Dippy here loves investigating anything new.  He’s not the sharpest rock around, but when you’re this big, brains aren’t a requirement.  I wonder what he plans to do with that ball?  Pete found his old one flattened out in the pasture a couple weeks ago, so we’ll see how long this one lasts.

What’s that you say?  An accident?  Oh no, I’m sure the ball was squished on purpose.  These guys have an amazing sense of touch.  Dippy doesn’t like stepping on certain things, and he’s very careful where he puts his feet (elephants are like this too).

Dippy seems to like the smooth bounciness.  But who doesn’t like to play every now and again? 🙂


Making progress…

Hmm, not a whole lot to say this time around.  Just putting one foot in front of the other.  One step at a time.

Moving forward is the most difficult part.  I can’t even begin to say how frightening this is, leaping out into the unknown.  And if I start to think about it for even a moment, the overwhelming list of things I still need to do threaten to bury me.  It’s suffocating actually.

The fear of my family reading this is worse than if you’re a stranger.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe because that position is particularly vulnerable.

Anyway, I’m not saying this to mope, because I hate mopey.  But I’m no Pollyanna either.  Life has both ups and downs, and you’ve got to roll with the punches right? 🙂 Perhaps someday I’ll read this and remember how scared I was at the beginning.  Perhaps I’ll realize then that I’m still just as scared, and still take one step at a time.

Even more important, I hope that this will encourage you.  If you are thinking of leaping out into something unknown.  You’re not alone.

Listening to experts who truly know their stuff is very encouraging.  So I’m just going to share a lovely piece of advice from T. Harv Eker, who I was listening to this morning.  (I don’t get anything for this, BTW, it’s just awesome advice I hope you’ll find as helpful to you as it is for me)

“Fear is the anticipation of pain.  Act in spite of fear.”


And another awesome quote I’ve been hearing a lot lately…


“Just do it.”



Coming Next Week…

A real sweetie who’ll tolerate just about anything, even dress up.  Just be careful not to spook her.

Share your guess in the comments! She’ll be one of the critters over on the critter page. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Critter of the Week: Diplodocus

      1. I really like Chased by Sea Monsters because of Nigel going back in time and “exploring”. I’m a sucker for those kind of Crocodile Hunteresque type shows. Planet Dinosaur and Dinosaur Revolution are cool too 🙂 Speculative, since you kind of have to be to follow a dinosaur character, but I really like the stories they came up with. 🙂


  1. Huh, I didn’t know they had such good coordination. Besides elephants, they also kind of remind me of giant cows. 😛 Cows have surprising nimbleness!

    Well, the “baby steps” add up! 🙂 And sometimes they add up quicker than expected.


    1. Hi Brownie! 🙂

      The sense of touch is a speculative thing on my part, so just an educated guess. So many people seem to think of big animals like these as brutes that crash around everywhere. Bulls in a china shop 😛

      But bulls are very careful, & the myth busters had to put about 20 in the pen for them to start destroying stuff.

      Elephants & crocs have an excellent sense of touch. So it just makes sense that such a large animal should be able to feel where it’s putting its feet 🙂


            1. Because I know I do, Dinosaur documentaries are as I said are some of my favorite things to watch besides Mythbusters and shows about mythical animals and monsters. Those and animes


            2. Depends on the documentary. If it’s something like Walking With Dinosaurs or that prehistoric zoo show when Nigel went back in time to rescue prehistoric critters, then I like it. I don’t care for the Jurassic fight shows though, and some documentaries have quite a lot of misinformation and really bad cgi. Hehe, I guess I’m a bit picky when it comes to documentaries. 😀


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