Critter OTW Sneak-Peak: Camarasaurus

A sneak-peak for this week’s critter of the week.  I’m afraid I’ve had a bit of trouble wrangling Bella.  She won’t leave her friends when they’re in the middle of choir practice.


Maybe it’s the squarish shape of her snout, her stout proportions, and that thick, kinda stumpy neck (for a longneck anyway)…but for some reason poor Bella is often quoted as the “ugliest of sauropods”.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Bella certainly doesn’t care about beauty contests.  She’d much rather sing with the other hundred Camarasaurus in the herd.

Just imagine hearing a hundred of these first thing in the morning… XD



Just sit tight and listen to those busy longnecks gossip.  I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but just like any animals, these dinos can be a bit of a handful to handle.  I’ll have to see if Pete will help me with the tractor…I’ll be back with Bella as soon as I can!  

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