Critter of the Week: Ceratosaurus

Meet Bowser. Those horns may look intimidating, and his toothy grin can be downright fearsome.  But you know what they say about books and their covers… 😉





Bowser is the pit bull of Jurassic predators.  He’s buff, he’s tough, and he’ll stop at nothing to protect his special person.

He also has an unfortunate reputation.

Pit bulls are only as bad as their owners.  Give them a good home and training- you’ll have a loyal friend that is sweet and adoring.

Bowser is very much the same.

Pete has trained this big guy ever since he was a hatchling, and he never shows his teeth except when chomping down on a meal.

Personally, I’m kinda glad he usually keeps his mouth shut, because take a look at those chompers!

The teeth on this mount may be extra long, because teeth tend to slip out of the socket when there’s no soft tissue to hold them in, but they’re still super long!  This is a younger individual, so the horns aren’t as big as Bowser’s.  Photo courtesy and copyright of Dr. John Meck.  Obtained from



Making progress…


Yay!  Two more trading cards complete. 😀

I’m really liking the idea of printable character cards.




Coming Next Week…

This bird knows how to party. 😉

Share your guess in the comments! He’s one of the critters over on the critter page. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Critter of the Week: Ceratosaurus

  1. Pit bull of the Jurassic, alright! I like how big and pudgy he is, but he still has that “tough” vibe. ^^ Also, a random thought just occurred to me. Could there also be hybrid dinosaurs? *waggle waggle*


    1. Hi Brownie! I’m glad you like him. I also really like his buff roundness, and I think I’m finally starting to get some 3D-ness in there. 😀

      Hybrid dinosaurs? Do you mean breeds, or something more like the Jurassic Park “stegoceratops” (guess the combo 😛 ).

      If breeds are what you’re talking about, I do indeed have something in mind. 😉


      1. Yeah, I guess sort of like the stegoceratops (stegosaurus triceratops?). xD Because, I mean, with modern animals there are ligers and zorses, right? Breeds sound interesting too, though. 😀


        1. Yep, that’s the combo. 😛

          Hmm, there are so many prehistoric animals that never get a decent representation, I’d rather steer away from mixing critters like that. Besides, unless it’s something crazy like Stegosaurus & Triceratops, you’d end up with more of the same sort of critters. Or it might get confusing as to which is real and which is fantasy.

          Also, many critters that we think of (like Stegosaurus and Triceratops) are just at the Genus level, and there are different Species within that. Even if I just explore the different Species, that together with Breed will provide lots of variation for individual characters. 🙂

          I won’t say a whole lot just yet, but if there’s interest, there’s plenty of room for countless unique, adoptable characters. 😉


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