Critter of the Week: Dryosaurus

Meet Rosie. She’s a bit shy, and might need a little encouragement to come closer.  A few treats should do the trick.  Before you know it she’ll be perfectly content to snuggle close and put her head on your lap. 🙂


Rosie is smaller than your average dinosaur, about the size of a deer.  Like a deer, she can be a bit jumpy, and she feels much better if she has friends to keep her company and watch out for troublesome, over-exuberant types like Opie.  He’s far too excitable, and that makes her nervous.  She’d much rather curl up under the shade of spiky cycad fronds for a little siesta.

Much safer there.  And Rosie always wins at hide-and-seek. 😉

If you take the time to give her treats and coax her out of the thicket, then she’ll get to know you rather quickly.  Then she’ll be your friend forever, and come running when you call. 🙂  I hope you don’t mind having a second shadow…


Making progress…

Latest news on Caught on Critter Cam!: Dippy vs. Ball

  • I upgraded my WordPress membership from the free plan to the personal plan.  Cost less than $40 for a full year, gets rid of the advertisements, and allows me to use Mailchimp to forward emails from the Shop. 😀  Next step, setting up the sign-up form so you can get some goodies, and we can start connecting through Pete’s Postcards. 😀
  • The mini-comic itself is all done and prettified, and I’m working on the bonus pages and finalizing the cover.  The first is what I started off with, but after looking at all the brown (and a few pointers from my dear Hubby) I tried something a little more radical and ended up with the second one…

Any thoughts on the second option in particular?  I’d love to hear from you in comments!  Here’s what I’m going for…

– Attention grabbing, kid-friendly, fun, and crackling with energy

– Is the text easily read?

– The same energy you’d find in the “vs.” screen shot in a video game or poster.

– A little over the top.  This is a silly little adventure with Dippy after all. 🙂



Coming Next Week…

This little guy loves to curl up in his bed with his favorite teddy. 🙂

Share your guess in the comments! He’s one of the critters over on the critter page. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Critter of the Week: Dryosaurus

  1. Cool! How sociable do you think dryosaurus was with their own kind? I guess they’d gather in herds like deer?

    And I’m looking forward to seeing the mini-comic completed! I definitely prefer the updated color palette for the cover. 🙂 It grabs my attention, I find that the text is easy to read, and it seems pretty kid-friendly to me. I feel like it could have more energy, though. Maybe it’s because there isn’t enough contrast between Dippy and the ball’s sections?


    1. Hmm, perhaps a bit of a color tint to the Dippy and Ball sections would help divide it more. I’m going for a similar energy and vibe to the VS! screenshots in a video game. 😛

      As far as Dryosaurus herds go…I’d be hesitant to compare any dinosaur behavior with the complexity of mammals.

      I haven’t done too much research on Dryosaurus specifically, so I’m not aware of there are any track records. But I think it’d be safe to compare them with bird social behavior.

      As a small herbivore, it’s always good to have someone else around to help watch out for danger. Where there’s space and food available, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a gathering of the little critters.

      Not too much actively social behavior, but more like how mockingbirds or grackles will all show up at a good feeding spot. Aside from a pecking order on who gets the best spot, so that no fights break out, everyone kinda hangs around until the food is gone.

      The general consensus is that this sort of “herding” or “cooperative” behavior is the norm for most dinosaurs (with varying levels of cooperation of course). Unless we have direct proof of birdlike flocks or mammallike herds through trace fossils like trackways.

      I would imagine that unless there is lots of food in one spot, dryosaurus could be compared to a rabbit. Minding it’s own business, with keen eyesight and hearing to watch out for predators. Always nervous, with its head bobbing up and down like a pigeon that knows a cat could be nearby. 🙂


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