Critter of the Month?

Oops! Looks like our featured critter has flown the coop! I’m terribly sorry for the delay, but Pete’s on it and will bring him back as soon as possible. 🙂

While you wait, I found a few lovely old drawings and paintings of our feathered friend. And by old, I mean a part of history. In 1941 Manfred Reichel, a Swiss paleontologist, published an article on Archaeopteryx. I love how natural and lifelike his drawings are, unlike the chimeric feathered-lizard monstrosities most people have drawn for ages.



Manfred Reichel took some inspiration from reading The Origin of Birds, written by Gerhard Hellmann and published in 1926. Below is one of Hellmann’s beautiful paintings.

1924 Archaeopteryx courting


Come back soon! Hopefully it won’t take more than a day or two to catch our feisty dancer. 😀

8 thoughts on “Critter of the Month?

    1. Look back on my posts over the months and it certainly doesn’t happen every month. That said, I again apologize for the delay. There have been changes in real life that make it very difficult to get anything done on the website, or even simply draw prehistoric critters. I almost never have access to my computer these days, and just about everything concerning the critters and pet shop can only be done on the computer.

      On the bright side, when this sort of thing happens you actually get an extra post for the month. 🙂


    1. I’m sorry, but there’s a reason I haven’t done it yet. There are just so many things in real life that take priority. But Instagram is on my phone, so I should be able to do that at some point.

      The others are on the computer, and any time I can manage to get on the computer will be for completing Tango’s post and hopefully getting a start on the next one.

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      1. I understand these priorities. I can see why this usually happens during some time. If you have access to your computer at any point, that will help.

        I am still waiting for when Pearl will make her debut in the shop.


  1. Hey, that kind of thing always happens with chickens–I mean archaeopteryxes. 😛 These drawings and paintings sure make it worth the wait, though! They’re beautiful. 🙂 I especially like the second one–it reminds me of how squirrels like to hang onto trees like that.


    1. Hi Brownie, thank you for being so understanding!

      Hehe, there are so many times I’ve tried to catch a chicken or rooster at the door of the coop, but it bursts out in such a flurry of feet and feathers that I have to duck out of the way not to get clobbered. You wouldn’t think being hit by feathers would hurt, but those wings can really pack a punch! And then you have an escaped chicken that there’s no way to wrangle until after dark.

      I love these paintings, and I found a lot more too. 😀 It’s really interesting how some people immediately saw the bird connection and illustrated it in a lifelike, natural way. While others still have trouble illustrating it as anything other than an emaciated Jurassic Park compsognathus with a feather suit.

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