4 thoughts on “Spooky Tidings

  1. lol, I can totally imagine Tanycolagreus giving a potions class. 😛

    Tanycolagreus: “There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this class.”

    Stokesosaurus: “Bones! More bones!”

    Ornitholestes: “Oops. I think I accidentally threw a wand in there…”


  2. Let me guess, the smallest is Ornitholestes, the next latgest is the Tanycolagreus, and the one with the broomstick is the Stokesosaurus. For media representation, Ornitholestes appeared in Dinosaur Revolution, Tamycolagreus appeared in Jurassic World: The Game, and Stokesosaurus appeared in Zoo Tycoon, from what I can think of. Also, this is a little bit of a side-track, but I have seen the brilliant artwork of James Kuether yesterday on his official site and found out that his work will be in a book called Lfe Through Time. I’d like you to check it out some time. Also I can’t wait for these three to get official FF posts.


    1. Hi Angel! Yes, the smallest is Ornitholestes. Either of the larger two would work for Stokesosaurus and Tanycolagreus, but I’d envisioned the one reciting the spell as Stokesosaurus. I’d never heard of James Kuether, so I had to look him up. It’s cool that he has so many species represented, but I must say I’m not a huge fan of the computer model style. I’d prefer a stylized artistic approach rather than the rubbery computer model attempting to be hyper-realistic. Not that I don’t appreciate the work involved. It takes a lot of skill and effort to make computer models like his. I’m just not a big fan of that style. My personal preference is something drawn or painted more traditionally, may it be with real paint or digital paint. Especially if the artist is creative with style and composition. My favorite paleo-artists are Charles R. Knight, Mark Witton, and artists that take a more stylized approach like Johan Egerkrans. 🙂


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