Critter of the Month: Pterodactylus

Meet Terry. She’s a chipper little flyer who would love to scramble up onto your shoulder and nibble your ear (just a little nibble, it tickles).  And could she please, pretty please have a tiny bit of that sandwich?

Terry profile update

Here’s a quick short story about the time Pete decided to take a lunch break in one of the pterosaur enclosures at the shop…

Making progress…

I’ve been making excellent progress this week! I must say it’s quite nice to make progress like a ninja tortoise instead of a snail. Tortoises don’t look very fast of course, but they’re persistent! Look away for a few minutes and it’s always quite a bit further than you may expect.

Just for comparison and silliness, here’s a slow, ambling tortoise…followed by a very focused ninja tortoise.

Only 5 left to go!

It’s exciting to see the chart and see it almost all colored in!

I discovered that it’s very helpful to jot down ideas or sketch out thumbnails. I’ve been much more efficient this month, because once I was done with one illustration I was able to immediately start the next one since I had a plan.

Visualizing the big goal isn’t enough to get it done, because there are so many steps involved in getting it done that it can be overwhelming. One can also spend time figuring out the next step after accomplishing one small part.

Greater progress can be made in less time by breaking down in advance all the necessary steps, that way you can take advantage of flowing into the next task while you have the energy and excitement of completing the first task.

We’ll see if this lesson is true long term, but at the moment I really like the efficiency of having things planned out ahead of time. With just a few extra minutes of forethought, I spend less energy and mental stress on what will happen after I finish the first step. Then I can just flow straight into the next step without breaking stride.

This also means I’m more prepared, and less likely to be scrambling last minute for things I should’ve had ready to go!

Speaking of planning…

This month's prettified calendar! 
Fossil Friday on the 11th. Sneak-Peak Saturday on 19th & 26th.
Here’s the calendar for this month. Only one Fossil Friday until I get the collection finished, but you’ll still be getting sneak peaks into the sketchbook!

Coming July 1st…

These two gentle giants love making new friends, the more the merrier! 🙂

Share your guess in the comments! They’re a couple of critters over on the critter page. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Critter of the Month: Pterodactylus

  1. So much progress! So exciting. 😀 Haha, that ninja tortoise says it all! And lol, that cat–I can only imagine similar interactions in the paleo petshop. 😛

    And the new calendar is so pretty! I’m really excited for Sneak-Peak Saturdays. 😀

    Haha, and I thought having a picnic next to a bunch of horses was a bad idea! 😉 Can’t wait to hear Copper and Daisy’s story. You have a really good reading voice by the way!


    1. That tortoise was on a mission! LOL the cat is all “nope!”

      I’m glad you like the calendar. I’m starting to really like Jurassic plants, so I had to experiment with them somehow. I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories. I’m enjoying reading them! I heard on a podcast somewhere that it’s good for authors to practice reading aloud. It makes it easier to write with audiobooks in mind, makes it easier to spot mistakes, and just in case you end up reading your work aloud in public like Steven King or J. K. Rowling. Of course, there’s pretty slim chance of me being successful in the same way they are, but hey, I may end up reading a few stories at the local library or something. 😀

      There’s something about hearing someone’s voice that makes you feel like you know the person. Like Youtube videos or podcasts. I really like those forms of media, and I like exploring with them. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Patricia! Good to see Terry back! And I see… you have made a lot more progress on your current ongoing project. Today is my last week of school and I will then move into my sophomore year of high school next school year. This entire year was virtual for me and I will be glad to be going back to school physically. Speaking of the pandemic, how was your time?
    One more thing- are Copper and Daisy going to be used for the next COTM?


    1. Hi Angel, thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you like Terry. 😀

      A new school year is exciting, especially if it’s a return to normal ways of doing things. I must say we’ve been pretty blessed in our little corner of the world. Things are pretty quiet when you live 30 minutes away from the nearest town, and that town is pretty small (just big enough that our first Hobby Lobby and Starbucks is super exciting!). I just didn’t go into town much this past year, so the kids barely even realized what was happening. I’m extremely grateful for our little haven here in the hill country, because I know there are many people who were deeply affected by the past year.

      Yes! Copper and Daisy are next in line. 🙂


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