Camarasaurus Speed Paint

It’s Bella’s turn to be Critter of the Month, and she’s been around a long while, so let’s take a peek behind-the-scenes…

I’ve been wanting to share a time-lapse video of new critter paintings for a while. I really enjoy painting videos. There’s something relaxing about the music, and watching someone else paint is always entrancing for me. Enjoy! If for some reason the video below does not work, CLICK HERE to go straight to Youtube.

In other news, there are only three left to go! I have the line work for Opie done, and Skippy is just getting a few last details to his lines. I’ve been mostly focused on fixing a few things in the book and getting it prepped for a hardback edition on Amazon.

Almost done!

My lesson for this month…

  • Enjoy the process

And the Critter of the Month is…

Bella got a full make-over, and I had a blast playing with the brushes when I painted her background. I wanted to really experiment with a slightly more realistic background, and ended up getting a bit carried away.

Now that Bella is all nice and shiny she is ready for adoption! Just click on the picture below or CLICK HERE to go to Redbubble and take a look at her.

See you April 1st for the next Critter of the Month!

This little dino is a bit shy, but she’ll come out of the bushes for a sweet hug and a small treat.

Share your guess in the comments! She’ll be one of the critters over on the critter page. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Camarasaurus Speed Paint

  1. I like Bella’s makeover. It’s not too different from her original design but stills looks cool.
    Here are a few random things I want to bring up:
    1. Regarding the Kali/Katy Kentrosaurus discussion from before, I say prioritize Kali to avoid retcons (remember when Terry was originally male?), that was the name you picked initially. But if you’re adamant to using Katy, then I suggest this compromise: Make a mother/daughter, sister, or friend duo for Kentrosaurus. It would be a creative idea that feels like the best solution for the uncertainties of before.
    2. If you were to add another non-dinosaur to the “adoption roster”, what would you pick (Mongolarachne would most likely be my pick if I were in charge)
    3. Rosie is my guess for the next COTM (although I’m not excluding Nina as another possibility). It would also be cool to know how you’d portray her getting along with a Dysalotosaurus (whom I’m headcannoning as a female named Posie).


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