Dinosaur paper crafting

With a library storytime and art display scheduled for the month of July, I’ve been having a bit of fun prepping activities for the children.

I notice with a lot of the events I go to at the library that the children do best with a combination of stories and hands-on activities. So I made some pin puppets for the kids to make and tested them out with my kids. The black spots are where the brads go to attach the pieces.

Not much for progress this month. At least not the shiny kind that’s good to put in a post, so I hope you enjoy these.

And the Critter of the Month is…

I imagine Pterodactylus scuttling along the beach in search of sand crabs, or wading into puddles for dragonfly nymphs or worms. Perhaps, like many seabirds, a whole flock of them could be seen hunting in the shallows.

The birds down below are called willets. They are medium-sized shorebirds that wade in the shallow waves and beachside pools, and use their bills to probe into the sand for all sorts of shrimp, tiny crabs, worms, and other shelled creatures. Their bills are a little shorter than other, more specialized shore birds, and they make me think a lot about possible feeding behavior for Pterodactylus.

Of course, I’m not a pterosaur expert, so this is just speculation. I like to imagine Terry with similar, birdlike mannerisms, even though she walks with four legs instead of two. Can you picture it in your mind’s eye while watching the clips down below?

Now that Terry is all nice and shiny she is ready for adoption! Just click on the picture below or CLICK HERE to go to Redbubble and take a look at her.

See you June 1st for the next Critter of the Month!

This swimmer likes a game of hide and seek, can you find her? 🙂

Share your guess in the comments! She’ll be one of the critters over on the critter page. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Dinosaur paper crafting

  1. I love the style of the pin puppets – so excited to see them when they’re put together! I also really like Terry’s new background. 😀 The sun rays are so shiny!

    I don’t think I’ve heard of willets before, but their names are quite fitting. Are they the same as sandpipers? Do you think pterodactylus had pretty similar nesting/hunting behaviors to these birds?


  2. Not much of a change but good to see Terry with a more realistic background.
    Nessie the Plesiosaurus is next, I believe.


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