Critter of the Week: Ceratosaurus

Meet Bowser. Those horns may look intimidating, and his toothy grin can be downright fearsome.  But you know what they say about books and their covers… 😉


There we go, he smells it!  See these nice big strips of jerky?  He’ll love it.  I brought some for you too if you want to give him a special treat.

See him cock his head off to the side a little?  Bowser can see a little bit in front of his nose, but he has trouble seeing very much past those bony ridges in front of his eyes.  He still has better binocular vision than his cousin Alfred though!

Here you go, just take a strip of jerky with these tongs, and we’ll get to see the size of Bowser’s chompers.  Bowser’s teeth are some of the longest for a dinosaur his size.

Yep, hold the tongs just like that, so we keep our fingers out of the way.  There we go!  Good boy Bowser!  Listen to him grunt. 😀

Oh he wants more.  Ok big guy!  Wow, look at the size of those teeth!  Personally, I’m glad he usually keeps his mouth shut…



Bowser always reminds me of a pit bull.  Kinda short (compared to Alfred), thick muscle, big head…he’s the pit bull of Jurassic predators.  He’s buff, he’s tough, and he’ll stop at nothing to protect his special person.

He has an unfortunate reputation for being aggressive and nasty, but animals are only as bad as their owners train them to be.

Give them a good home and healthy training- you’ll have a loyal friend that is sweet and adoring.

Well, I’m not sure how adoring Bowser can be…he’s not exactly the sharpest tack.  But Pete’s trained him well, and he never shows his teeth except when he’s chomping down on a meal.

That’s a good boy Bowser, here’s another piece of jerky for ya. 🙂



Making progress…

Much better progress this week! 😀

Steggy just needs a few finishing touches, and I got my fix-it-all stuff, so I can start work on the ground base.

I’m working on adding the rest of her plates and fixing her feet, and then she’ll be done.  Not perfect, but definitely good enough to be my little model. 😀



I realized that I was spending too much time on details, when really she’s just a light reference. But then again, there will probably be something else I can use her for at some point too, so the practice wasn’t a waste of time. Plus it was fun! 😀

Oh yes, and the tip of her tail broke off, since that was the only place I could hold while putting her plates on. Now that she’s baked, I don’t have to worry about smooshing all the little scales and osteoderms. By the way…her skin texture is based off this description of Hesperosaurus soft tissue. I think the oval osteoderms are too big on Steggy here, but I had no idea how hard it would be to make something so small!

You’d think smaller would be easier. 😛

Overall I’m quite pleased with how she’s turning out, and I’m excited to see how the diorama progresses. Now I need to go outside and collect some rocks and sticks! 🙂


Coming Next Week…

This little flyer just wants a little snack…please?

Share your guess in the comments! He’s one of the critters over on the critter page. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Critter of the Week: Ceratosaurus

  1. Whoever gets to have a friend like Bowser is LUCKY! He is cute,loyal and overall a really good friend,well maybe not so lucky,since you need an entire warehouse for food 😀 Steggy looks really good,the detail actually looks amazing for being a tiny sculpture,this diorama is getting completed faster than i thought it would be.Next passenger is Terry? Not sure.


    1. Hi Kaprosaurus! I love Bowser. He’s a big softie. But yeah, he definitely needs lots of space and lots of food! 😀 I wanted to fix his eyes to match the new style, but it was full-steam-ahead with little Steggy’s progress, so I didn’t get the chance to do that.

      Thank you, I’m glad you like little Steggy. 😀 Hopefully progress continues at this steady pace, because time is flying! Thanksgiving is coming next week, then comes Christmas and New Year’s, then Baby! I hope to be done with the diorama in the next couple of weeks, but we’ll see how that goes. 😉

      And yes! Terry is up next. I think we’ll be able to coax her on the train with a few meal worm treats. 😀


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