Critter of the Week: Archaeopteryx

Hi there, and thank you so much for joining me here on my little corner of internet!  Last week I posted that my goal for the week was to add a profile to the critter page.  Here we have archaeopteryx! His name is Tango because he loves to dance and fluff out his feathers.  🙂




I also took note of your advice, and I’ve added a quick word blurb on the home page.  Hopefully it’s more clear what the site is about.  I’m working on a better post or page that’ll explain it all properly (the long version).  But hopefully the quick blurb will do for now.  🙂


My goal for next week…

  • First official blog post!
  • one (hopefully two!) critter profile picture.  I’m thinking…something furry, and something with flippers.

14 thoughts on “Critter of the Week: Archaeopteryx

  1. Ah, the description on the home page is very helpful, I’m sure. 🙂 *Looks at critter page* Hmm…Is it ichthyosaurus and juramaia?


  2. Great, another dinosaur! We’ll try to guess what the other critters will be. Maybe mosasaurus? I don’t know a whole lot about the sea critters.


    1. Mosasaurus is a good guess, but not our critter. I’ll give you a hint though. Take a look over at the critter page. I may do a furry one or a swimmer (hopefully both!) 🙂


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